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SeaHerb Fucoidan (Mekabu Powder Ball)
Speaker: Dr. Gold Field Hwang
(D.V.M.S.K MSc. BS. Herbalist).
Professor Of Toronto Unversity
 During the mankind history, there was no such development time of science and medical science like present day. 
However the reality is different. 9 out of 10 people are suffering from disease and 1 out of 3 is suffering from
Cancer. 25% of people are suffering from diabetes or are close to becoming diabetic. Why then, are so many people
are still suffering from disease? Is there any other way to improve this situation? If there is, what exactly is it?
Let’s find out the solution to this situation, together. For our healthy life, the oxygen needs to be supplied to our cell tissue. Clean blood and clean blood vessels
are necessary. Thus, like deep breathing, exercising, clean air or plants, taking Seaherb Fucoidan helps maintain
our body healthy. Especially, we are living in the polluted environment. Last time the doctor from Toronto said, “the air, water and food are polluted”Most necessary thing in this
polluted era is the removal of poison. We are taking a shower everyday to remove the poison from our external body.
Then we should remove it that which is left inside of our body as well. Consumption of unpolluted food, Seaherb
Fucoidan, Antioxidants, clean water, praying, meditation, cleaning, positive mind, good human relationships,
and sweating are helpful for removing the poison. The next most important thing is nutrition. In ancient time, people died because of a lack of nutrition. In present time, among nutrition, especially vitamins, minerals, and fibrin are lacking. Hence according to
scientists ‘You are what you eat, drink, and breathe. Consumption of vitamins, fibrin, enzymes, vegetables, food, raw food, water, and Seaherb Fucoidan are helpful. Vitamin, Minerals, fibrin, enzymes, Water, Vegetables, dry-field grains, Uncooked food, Fruits, Seaherb Fucoidan. The next important thing is immunity. Strong immunity prevents infection.
To enhance immunity, balance your meals, consuming vitamins, fibrin, natural herbs, and Seaherb Fucoidan. According to an ancient story, it was acknowledged that whales were consuming seaweed after give a birth. There is also the story that Koreans consumed seaweed from 3000 years ago, which is after Korean aware of this factor. It’s been reported that such a symbol of beauty, Madonna, enjoys eating seaweed, ear shells, and top shells. Our ancestors continued eating seaweed for more than 3000 years and there is wisdom in it. They ate it because they knew that it was good for them. In ancient time, since the seaweed was so valuable, only woman in childbed could eat it, now not even the woman in childbed but also other people are consuming seaweed. According to one report, the seaweed is recognized as a medicine of eternal love. Generally, Korean and Japanese people are consuming it but Japanese people are consuming more. Hence a large amount of seaweed is exported from Korea to Japan. It’s been reported that Japanese generally live longer than other races. We are expecting, one day, Korean people to become the race that has the longest lifetime, by consuming more seaweed. SeaHerb Fucoidan is a chemical-free, pollutant-free product that is based on seaweed and approved by the American FDA (Food and Drug Association). Hence it is safe to eat and since it uses a low molecular weight compound technology, it is boosting the absorption rate over 57% but if you take standard seaweed ingredient, it only absorbs 7%. Hence this product is more effective than the other products, using scientific technology. Now the components and effects of SeaHerb Fucoidan can be summarized in 4 points A. Nutrition and functionality of SeaHerb Fucoidan B. Nutritional application of SeaHerb Fucoidan C. How to use D. Active healthy life Well, A. Nutrition and functionality of SeaHerb Fucoidan SeaHerb Fucoidan has the component called Fucoidan. 1) Fucoidan has a cancer cell apoptosis function. It means Fucoidan will induce the cancer cell to execute by itself. It is approved that the cancer cell executes itself when Fucoidan is placed with the cancer cell. The research results came out from Nagoya University (Jpn. J. Cancer Research 92, May 2001) and also from Pusan National University (J. of the Korean chemical society 2002), this year. 2) Increase HCF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor) In Korean it called Hepatocyte Growth Factor. It helps a regular breed of cells. This component increases the growth of cells and it boosts Hepatitis, cirrhotic liver, hepatopulmonary syndrome, diabetic, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, and biped growth. 3) It has an Antivirus effect. - Experiment to patient approved that this component kills the virus called Herpes Virus (Venereal disease), which occurs a blister around the lips. (Vuscher-Math, Schaeffer, Hudson) - Approved that it kills HIV, AIDS virus. - Leukemia (Furusawa 1991) - Conducted an experiment related to lung cancer and proved that Fucoidan is effective to lung cancer. EBV im breast Cancer (Subramin, Lawson) - Papillma Wart virus (Marine Biomedical Research) - Breast Cancer and leukaemia (Furusawa 1985, 1989, Itoh 1993, 1995) (Ohigashi, Riou, Yamamoto, Teas 1984) 4) Increase of immunity, anti-inflammatory agent effect (Fremette) MS (Parish 1999) 5) Detoxification (Shamdala) 2. It contains the Laminaran component and decreases blood pressure. Hence it is effective for patients with high blood pressure. It also contains components that prevent thrombus. (shamdala) 3. It contains the Fucogalactan component. Proved that it reduces cholesterol (Iritani, Murata, Mori, Lee Dong Su) 4. It contains Alginate. 1) The research from Mcgill University showed that it has a detoxification effect. (Shandala, Mcgill University) It detoxifies the radioactive substance from mobile phones or computers, lead, Mercury, cadmium, agrichemical poison and cigarette poison. 2) It is effective for constipation, cleaning the intestine and removal of feces. 3) Reduces cholesterol level 4) Reduces blood sugar 5) The spectacular report came out from Kyoto University that it reproduces the spinal cord because, according to the theory, reproduction of the spinal cord is impossible. 5. It contains Organic Iodine. 1) It increases the body temperature and restrains disease. (Raising Normal body temperature: Fighting disease) 2) Recovers stamina, stimulates metabolism. 3) Help thyroid gland. 6. It contains Vitamin C and Praline (Dr Linus Pauline). Combined vitamin C and praline Twice awarded a Nobel Prize According to Dr Linus and Dr Pauline’s research, vitamin C and praline detoxify. Also, praline produces collagen. Collagen is known as eternal youth. It prevents cancer and metastasis. 7. It contains various Vitamins Vitamin A (V-A). Vitamin B1(V-BI) Vitamin B2( V-B2) Vitamin B5 (V-B5) Vitamin B12 (V-B12) the most necessary components for vegetarians. SeaHerb Fucoidan contains Vitamin B12. It recovers stamina and is helpful for anemia. If Vitamin B12 were lacking, no mater consuming how much iron and protein, the red blood cells could not increase. As it contains Folic Acid, it helps children grow healthy and especially prevents giving birth to disabled child. Vitamin E (V-E) 8. It contains Mineral synthesis. That means it contains various types of minerals. Since there are so many, we will now explain a few types of minerals. It contains Calcium. It contains 8 times more than milk. The reason why doctors are suggesting people to drink milk is most of Asian people are allergic to milk. Allergy means poison. Hence, the most ideal way is to consume calcium is to consume SeaHerb Fucoidan. It contains Potassium. It contains more than 15 times more than milk. The doctor suggests consuming calcium when the blood pressure is high. As a matter of fact, only consuming this will decrease the blood pressure. It contains selenium. Among scientists, there is no doubt that selenium is good for the preventing of cancer. Iron phosphorous Sodium Zinc 9. Chlorophyll Antidote, Removal of bad oral odor, Restrain gas 10. Unsaturated fatty acid Increases immunity, improves metabolism, improves joint functions and the brain. 11. Fucosterol It contains the components that increase immunity. 12. Various Amino acid It contains Alginate. Awarded Nobel Prize by Alginate research in 1998. It has the same effect as Viagra. It helps metabolism. As we get older the blood vessels are getting narrower. So Alginate accelerates the metabolism. The number of people died by consuming Viagra reached approximately 1000. Hence, take SeaHerb Fucoidan, which is natural product and has no side effects, but experience the same effects as Viagra. It contains Proline. It produces Collagen that is an eternal youth substance. It contains lysine. Some doctors suggest taking lysine when we have caught a cold or flu. As this is natural product, it also kills the virus. There is no such medicine that kills the flu virus completely. However if you take lysine, it can kill the flu virus. It contains tyrosine. It is also a natural substance and gives a comfortable feeling. SeaHerb Fucoidan contains all of these contents including Amino acids, which gives a comfortable feeling and stimulates metabolism. It contains Methionine. Perhaps you have an experience with consuming this substance. It contains Phenylalanine. It is a natural pain relief that has no side effects. Previously one old lady took SeaHerb Fucoidan because she had a headache and was very satisfied that even her toothache was gone too. glutamic acid cystine tryptophan Aspartic acid histidine isoleucine theronine valine Gycine leucine 13 It contains Enzyme. Consuming of enzymes is really important. Someone claimed that the human contains regular amount of enzyme from birth, and since only living things have enzymes we cannot consume enzymes if we do not consume raw foods. Hence raw food consumer strongly suggests having raw food. To sum up, how is SeaHerb Fucoidan applied? B. Nutritional application of SeaHerb Fucoidan 1. Prevent and heal cancer 2. Decrease blood pressure 3. Reduces cholesterol 4. Relief constipation, cleaning of intestines and removal of feces. 5. Detoxify polluted toxins inside our body, tobacco toxins, heavy metals from mobile phone, TV, electronic products, agrichemical and artificial teeth. It especially removes the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones or the TV. Moreover it removes the mercury toxin from artificial teeth. You must change to the artificial teeth that have no mercury. 6. Improves blood circulation - Effective on cosmetics. According to the research (University of Pavia, Italy 1999) it improves blood circulation over 45%. Hence it makes beautiful face by improving blood circulation and also increases stamina. 7. Relieves pain. If you take pain relief it cause side effects, especially gastric ulcers, liver and kidney disorders. Consume Natural pain relief SeaHerb Fucoidan. 8. Increase stamina 9. Increase the immune system 10. Effective on Hepatitis, cirrhotic liver, hepatopulmonary syndrome, diabetic, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, wound, ulcers 11. Improve hairless and grey hair. (Fucoidan, V-C, zinc) Unbalanced nutrition and blood circulation even effective on young people who are hairless. If you go to the hospital, they give you Fucoidan, Vitamin C, and Zinc, but SeaHerb Fucoidan contains all of these. 12. Improves Bones, Joints, Health, Osteoporosis, Arthritis 13. 90% decrease in stamina caused by narrower of blood vessel which gives difficulty in blood circulation. Now there is no need to take Viagra. If you consume SeaHerb Fucoidan for 3 months it cleans out the blood vessel and solves this problem. 14. Prevents aging. If you take SeaHerb Fucoidan, you will be able to get at least 10 years younger in appearance. 15. Antibacterial Effect 16. Body weight control 17. Boost of growth 18. Improve anemia C. Practical usage 1. Supplementary of normal meal a) For the first week take 15 pills 3 times per day and from the second week take 15 pills twice a day before a meal. b) Take 15 pills 3 times a day c) Take 15~16 pills twice or three times a day d) For each symptoms Constipation : 30 minutes after meals, with warm Water For preventing overeating: 30 minutes or an hour before meals with water Improvement of an unbalanced diet: 30 minutes after a meal Stomachache: Frequently 2. For Lovemaking : Take 100 pills of SeaHerb Fucoidan with onion soup, tofu, soybean paste, and garlic. 3. Removal of bad oral odor Consume it or chew it instead of gum 4. Consume it as a snack or tea 5. Consume it with soup or noodles 6. Bath Grind it with grinder or add it in the bathtub. 7. Massage Grind SeaHerb Fucoidan and knead it, then apply on the face or other skin and finally clean it out. Thank you