Seaherb Co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of marine-derived nutrients. The seaweed nutrients, such as fucoidan, laminaran and alginate are extracted by our patented extraction method. They improve the immune system, promote detoxification, eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol. We also produce a skin care product that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

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Pure Skin – superior marine-derived skin care

Regenerates, moisturizes, and restores a healthy, youthful glow to the skin

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Pure Skin is our completely clear, liquid, natural skin care and beauty product and is dispensed in an easy to use spray applicator. Pure Skin contains over 45% pure brown sea algae extract, as well as other beneficial ingredients.  Other cosmetic companies can only include 2-3% of seaweed extract in their cosmetic products because sea algae are extremely sticky, even in low concentrations, and therefore difficult for the skin to absorb.

At Sea Herb Co., Ltd. we micronize the contents of the Fucoidan seeds, and do not use the leaves or the stalks of the sea alga because the leaves and the stalks are of an inferior quality for skin care. Micronization means a radically reduction in size, and therefore dramatically improved skin absorption and utilization. The technology that makes this possible is Sea Herb Co., Ltd.’s patented Low Molecular Weight Compound Technology.  As a result of this patented technology and extraction method, the Pure Skin can be rapidly absorbed by skin upon application.  

The giant molecular size of Fucoidan, alginic acid, laminaran and other nutrients found in sea algae make it extremely difficult for the skin to utilize these nutrients. The utilization of these key nutrients is dramatically improved with our Low Molecular Weight Compound Technology, resulting in a unique marine-derived skin care product with unparalleled absorption and efficacy. They deeply penetrate the pores and skin to cleanse them of waste products, heavy metals and other forms of impurities and toxins.
The specially micronized marine-derived substances found in Pure Skin moisturize soften the skin, improves blood circulation, and transforms damaged skin back to healthy skin.

 1. Pure Skin has numerous special beneficial effects:

  • Cleanses, moisturizes, softens, moisturizes and regenerates the skin.
  • Makes the skin appear vital, younger and more elastic.
  • Provides vital nutrients and protects the skin.
  • Protects the skin from UV rays and relieves sunburn.
  • Helps eliminate dry skin.
  • Gently removes waste products, heavy metals and other toxins from the skin.
  • Helps produce new, healthy skin.
  • Can be sprayed on the hands and body instead of a skin crème.
  • Pure Skin can be used to relieve skin inflammation or eruptions, as well as eczema or psoriasis.
  • The substances concentrated in the Pure Skin are absorbed by the skin and have the same beneficial effects of a traditional Korean ocean thermal spa, a special rejuvenating treat for the skin in South Korea.
Pure Skin contains the soothing synergistic effect of alginic acid and other substances in a unique and highly bio-available form. It also contains vitamin E, glycerin, aloe, hyaluronic acid which has a moisturizing effect. Ginko leaf extract provides relaxation and improved blood circulation.

Pure Skin was developed to help protect the skin against harsh environmental factors that can cause damage. Some Asian cities are quite polluted, which means that the skin must be protected from harmful chemicals and toxins. In addition, environmental factors such as the burning sun, hot and humid conditions in the summer and harsh, biting cold in the winters can damage the skin. Pure Skin was developed to protect the skin from these harsh factors.

The primary advantage of Pure Skin is its exceptional ability to keep moisture locked in the skin once a thin layer has been sprayed on the skin. Another unique function is gentle yet effective ability to remove heavy metals, toxins, oils and residue on skin. Further research is necessary, but initial research results indicates that the skin cells are activated and rejuvenated by Pure Skin.

Women can apply Pure Skin on face, hands, and body to retain skin moisture. It can also be sprayed on as the face as a base before applying makeup, and is excellent for removing makeup as well. Because Pure Skin is gentle and quickly absorbed into the skin, there is no negative interaction between Pure Skin and skin cremes or makeup.

Women in South Korea also use Pure Skin as a moisturizer after washing their hands, washing dishes, cooking, typing or any other activities because Pure Skin helps the skin to remain healthy, moist, pliable and soft. Women who constantly need to wash their hands appreciate the benefits of Pure Skin to retain skin moisture, and prevent cracks and eczema. Itching is frequently gone almost immediately after Pure Skin is applied. South Korean women who use Pure Skin have reported that sunburned skin, with the accompanying pain, redness and swelling,
is quickly addressed with this unique skin care product.

Pre- and post menopausal patients who complain of scratches on their skin due to dryness and thin skin report that Pure Skin also helps to prevent dry skin and damage to the skin as well.

Women in South Korea use Pure Skin for a variety of conditions including itchy skin. In South Korea customers have confirmed that a variety of skin conditions respond extremely well to Pure Skin such as eczema, inflammation, pimples, allergies, itching and atopy ? a type of skin hypersensitivity. In addition, German medical practitioners have report Pure Skin has performed well as an adjuvant therapy for treating rosacea and psoriasis. Finally, women also use Pure Skin for the hair, reporting that the hair turns silky and soft after application.


 2. Main elements and effects





Vit - E

Essential nutrient, healthy skin, plays a role in anti-aging


Hyaruron acid

Moisturizing effect



Protects the skin, moisturizes and has an anti-aging effect


Gingko leaf

Improves blood circulating






Makes the skin softer and smoother


Marine derived nutrients

Provides the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, protects the skin from a variety of factors including harmful bacteria, helps block UV rays


  • The product that may be prescripted to psoriasis patients in winter and dry skin patients that softens skin, removes pores, moisturization, removes inflammation and itchiness of skin.
  • Protects and sterilizes the split parts caused by dishwashing, laundry by ocean medical plants abstracts elements themselves.
  • Contains betaglucan so that it softens skin and vitalizes the skin.
  • The ocean medical plants elements, especially algin acid works well to discharge the wastes of the skin.
  • With our company¡¯s unique technology low-molecule engineering method, we make algin acid, laminalan Pukoidan minerals, and vitamins into the skin without stickiness. Giving refreshment and starting protection from the inside.
  • With works of elements of Laminalan palpates blood circulation on the skin and supply enough nutrition to skin cells to keep the skin alive. Also elements of Pukoidan work to sterilize various bacilli inside the skin.
  • Gently spray on sun burned or swollen areas.


 3. Works of abstracted elements in Pure Skin

  1) Helps dry skin.
2) Moisturizes and whitens the skin.
3) Softens the skin.
4) Helps to relieve inflammation.
5) Helps to get rid of itchiness.
6) Helps for eczema and atopy.
7) Makes hair soft and shiny.
8) Protects wounded parts.
9) Removes poisonous substances and waste on the surface of skin.
10) Cleans skin and actively reproduces new skin.
11) Helps on sunburned skin and blocks UV light.

 4. Usage

  1) Wash skin cleanly and spray on demand.
2) Gently spray before make up.
3) Spray appropriate amount on hair after washing it.
4) Spray on to the back of hand on demand as a substitution of hand cream.
5) You can spray anywhere on your body.
wastes of skin
reaction of alginic acid
effect of pure skin

Effect of Pure Skin

According to the result of research by world-class scientists, heavy metals and wastes on the surface of the skin are neutralized by algin acid. Also, the low moleculified algin acid in this product gets deeply into the inside of the skin to remove wastes, heavy metals and environmentally polluted materials and moisturizes and softens the skin. Laminaran, Fucoidan in marine plants abstracts palpates blood circulation of the skin and transforms harmed skin into healthy, and transparently organized skin.

  5. Product introductions - specs

Product name
Product specification
Pure skin spray
40ml / spray bottle
Pure skin essence
50ml / essence bottle


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