Seaherb Co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of marine-derived nutrients. The seaweed nutrients, such as fucoidan, laminaran and alginate are extracted by our patented extraction method. They improve the immune system, promote detoxification, eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol. We also produce a skin care product that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

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Fucoidan has been studied extensively and research shows that this marine plant has a wide variety of beneficial effects.

  1. Cancer Cell apotosis

  It is has been proven that cancer cells destroy themselves when Fucoidan is used. The research and experiment that proved this can be found in the report below.
Nagoya University (Jpn. J. Cancer Research 92, May 2001)

  2. HCF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor) increase

  This substance increases growth of healthy cells and is effective as an adjuvant therapy for liver diseases, liver hardening, lung fiber disease, diabetes, blood vessel hardening, heart hardening, high blood pressure, and the growth of skin (Nakamura, Osaka University, 1984).

  3. Antivirus effect

Experiments have shown that fucoidan effectively destroys the herpes virus that causes blisters around the lips. (Vuscher-Math, Schaeffer, Hudson)
It is proven to destroy HIV, AIDS virus. (Leukaemia (Furusawa 1991)
It has been proven to reduce lung cancer cell multiplication in experiments of lung cancer. EBV in breast cancer (Subramin, Lawson)
Papillma Wart virus (marine biomedical research)

Breast cancer and leukaemia (Furusawa 1985, 1989, Itoh 1993, 1995, Ohigashi, Riou, Yamamoto, Teas 1984)

  4. Fremette


Immunity increased in nerve cells

  5. Shamdala

  Neutralizes heavy metals, toxins, and cholesterol in body

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