Seaherb Co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of marine-derived nutrients. The seaweed nutrients, such as fucoidan, laminaran and alginate are extracted by our patented extraction method. They improve the immune system, promote detoxification, eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol. We also produce a skin care product that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

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Enzyme is a must-have life material for human and other lives that relate to all the process including the beginning, growth, and death.

This important enzyme is produced by each organ through the digestion of food but it is decreased caused by pollution, dirty water, pollution of land, chemicals, and instant food so that it lowers activation of enzyme to decrease all the cell activation of parts to weakens health.

If this constantly lasts for a long time, the balance in our body is ruined and we eventually lose our health.

And for all the good food that we consume but have no enzymes, that could not become part of our body.

It could only become our blood and flesh through the meals when it is slightly disassembled as amino acid that the smallest level of protein. Thus, if the nutrition that we consume does not become assembled into the form to get absorbed to our bodies, they could not become elements of our body.

So in order for the food to become blood and flesh, enzymes have to care into various progresses of our body, make materials that our body need, disassemble the unneeded materials and destroy the unbeneficial materials that attack us effectively.

Enzyme is the substance that regards to all these process, disassemble, digest and absorbs food. So enzyme is very important in maintaining life.

Especially, enzymes in Seaherb Fucoidan were not artificially added and is naturally occurred enzyme so could say the effects are much more.

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