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- Arginine - materials that neutralizes toxins and palpates blood circulation
- Proline - Material that produces collagen
- lysine - Material that is consumed when caught a cold that destroys flu virus. Contained in Seaherb Fucoidan.
- tyrosine - Material that makes feels good and palpates assimilation of the new and excretion of the old.
- methionine
- Phenylalanine - Natural pain killer, for an instance:
                          old woman who took Seaherb Fucoidan for a toothache also had benefit
                          of eliminating her headache and was pleased.
- glutamic acid
- cystine
- tryptophan
- Aspartic acid
- histidine
- isoleucine
- theronine
- valine
- Gycine
- leucine