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When marine plants such as seaweed are put into water, stickiness occurs and the elements of making this is Algin acid. The most marine plants that contain algin acid live in low temperature sea under 20 C and most of them contain 20-40% of algin acid

As for the materials to manufacture algin acid, must contain lots of algin acid, should have less color and tannin, easy to manufacture large amounts and easy to collect.
Algin refers to all the algin acid, algin¡¯s water chemical materials, hydrophilic conductor, that is sugars of D-mannuronic acid (M) and L-guluronic acid (G) are linked as a combination of alpha or beta-1/4. Usually elements of cell walls that are abstracted from plants like laminaria, Ecklonia, Macrocystis, Ascophyllum, Nerocystis, and Macrocystis of the USA, Macrocystis and Nereocystis from Canada and seaweed from China are industrially largely manufactured main ingredients of algin acid

Algin acid business developed rapidly after WWII, and the nations that were first were the USA and England. Production amount of Algin acid from the world is 100,000 tonnes and the most (41%) is from North America and the USA, 30% from Europe, 19% from Latin America centering Chile.

Therefore the main countries that produce Algin acid are the USA, Norway, Chile, Mexico, and Ireland. Algin acid is variously used for industrial purposes but it does not dissolve well in materials that contain alcohol and takes a long time to dissolve in high temperature. Thus the low moleculifying research is on the progress in order to fix these problems and to maintain food physical ability of its own.

(1999, Kim and Cho 2000) Our company Sea Herb Co., Ltd. has developed the licensed technology on a manufacturing method of algin acid abstraction and materials that are effective for atopy and now is on the process of application.

Algin acid is a natural material that absorbs heavy metals, radioactivity, and cholesterol iside the body.

Algin acid has the great ability to absorb heavy metals and radioactivity into their formation and formulate them to deactivation.