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Pure Skin (Atopy, inflammation, psoriasis moisturizer)

juvenile: youth to the skin

Spray made up of pure marine plants for skin. Marine plants that remove dirt from skin, supplies nutrition and vitality, outstanding effects for skin moisturization and protection, which contains algin acid, a vitamin called Pukoidan Lamina and various minerals.

The elements that are concentrated in the product get into the skin and the effects are a traditional ocean water thermal spa.

Also glycerin, hyaruron acid¡¯s moisturizing effect and aloe, ginko leaf abstract¡¯s relaxation and blood circulation effect that helps to reform atopy, psoriasis and eczema and it brings a synergy effect of skin trouble protection with marine plants abstracted concentrates.

Experience the rapid treatment and changes of skin. With low molecule technology it quickly gets into the skin, and has ideally enriched the pure concentrates from the ocean.
a) a) From the old days, it¡¯s been known that seaweed and marine plants purify and soften the skin. We select the most nutritional parts among these marine plants and manufacture with our company¡¯s unique technology low-molecule engineering method, and it has outstanding skin penetration effect than other similar products. When applied, it is absorbed right into the skin without stickiness.

b) b) Also, it saturates to skin internally and starts skin protection from inside that lasts for a long time.

c) c) Abstracted elements from marine plants are over 80% and are natural elements so that children or patients with skin troubles can all safely use.

d) d) It effectively takes cosmetic leftovers, polluted materials, and dirt out from the pores, and purifies noxious bacillus that purifies skin transparently and gives refreshment when spraying.




Vit - E

Acid fastify effect to function whitening and aging prevention.


Hyaruron acid

Moisturizing effect, forms natural NMF


Ginseng abstracts

Acid fastify effect, noxious environment blocking effect, aging prevention and moisturizing effect


Gingko leaf abstracts

Blood circulating palpation effect,



Moisturizing effect



Collagen removal effect, excellent skin softening effect


Marine medical plans abstracts

Skin high moisturization, skin protect layer lamination, UV block


  • The product that may be prescripted to psoriasis patients in winter and dry skin patients that softens skin, removes pores, moisturization, removes inflammation and itchiness of skin.
  • Protects and sterilizes the split parts caused by dishwashing, laundry by ocean medical plants abstracts elements themselves.
  • Contains betaglucan so that it softens skin and vitalizes the skin.
  • The ocean medical plants elements, especially algin acid works well to discharge the wastes of the skin.
  • With our company¡¯s unique technology low-molecule engineering method, we make algin acid, laminalan Pukoidan minerals, and vitamins into the skin without stickiness. Giving refreshment and starting protection from the inside.
  • With works of elements of Laminalan palpates blood circulation on the skin and supply enough nutrition to skin cells to keep the skin alive. Also elements of Pukoidan work to sterilize various bacilli inside the skin.
  • Gently spray on sun burned or swollen areas.


  1) Helps dry skin.
2) Moisturizes and whitens the skin.
3) Softens the skin.
4) Helps to relieve inflammation.
5) Helps to get rid of itchiness.
6) Helps for eczema and atopy.
7) Makes hair soft and shiny.
8) Protects wounded parts.
9) Removes poisonous substances and waste on the surface of skin.
10) Cleans skin and actively reproduces new skin.
11) Helps on sunburned skin and blocks UV light.

1) Wash skin cleanly and spray on demand.
2) Gently spray before make up.
3) Spray appropriate amount on hair after washing it.
4) Spray on to the back of hand on demand as a substitution of hand cream.
5) You can spray anywhere on your body.
pure weight
Plastic bottle