Seaherb Co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of marine-derived nutrients. The seaweed nutrients, such as fucoidan, laminaran and alginate are extracted by our patented extraction method. They improve the immune system, promote detoxification, eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol. We also produce a skin care product that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

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Sea Herb Co., Ltd.Why our products are special.

Welcome to the SeaHerb website! We are a South Korean company that proudly produces the best Fucoidan immune support and enhancement dietary supplement in the world. Fucoidan has been our focus and our passion for over 30 years!

Seaherb Fucoidan is our primary dietary supplement and it is 100% natural!

Seaherb Fucoidan is extremely concentrated. Using our patented extraction method, an amazing 278 kilograms of brown sea algae, called Fucoidan (Laminaria japonica), are needed to extract 1 kilogram of the Fucoidan found in Seaherb Fucoidan!

Our patented Low Weight Molecular Technology helps to increase the absorption rate of Seaherb Fucoidan by up to 57%! This compares to a 7% absorption rate without our patented processing method, because the large molecular size of alginic acid, a key component of Fucoidan, makes it difficult for the body to digest and use.

Seaherb Fucoidan contains four ingredients that create a unique synergy: the contents of brown algae– which are over 85% of Seaherb Fucoidan’s content – as well as smaller percentages of Korean wild-crafted Ginseng panax, green tea and peppermint.

We use only wild-crafted ginseng, as well as organically grown green tea and peppermint to avoid any toxins. These are much more expensive than the field grown and conventionally fertilized herbs, but result in a superior dietary supplement. 

These four substances are combined in a proprietary and patented manner. Seaherb Fucoidan is all natural and contains no binders.

Fucoidan has been shown to have a large variety of beneficial effects including: weight loss, lowing cholesterol and hypertension, relief of constipation, and boosting the immune system. It also has an antiviral effect, provides a highly bio-available iodine for thyroid dysfunction, it also has an anticancer effect and has even been used as an anti-depressant as it help eliminate heavy metals and other toxins in the intestinal tract that can negatively impact our mental and physical state.

Our cutting-edge research

SeaHerb Co., LTD is a South Korean company located in Busan, at the southern most tip of the Korean peninsula. Our company has over 30 years of experience in harvesting and manufacturing the brown sea weed called Fucoidan.

In 1998 we began 4 years of extensive research which resulted in the development of our breakthrough in marine-derived nutrients. Our patented technology enables us to extract the purest, most bio-available, health-promoting and life-extending nutrients from brown sea algae. Our patented extraction method is called Low Molecular Weight Compound Technology. Combined with our proprietary manufacturing process, our patented extraction method ensures that the plant-derived nutrients are gently extracted and processed, and are not damaged though heat or chemicals. This in turn increases the bioavailability and nutritional quality of the vital substances found in brown sea weed such as alginic acid, fucosterols, iodine, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, polysaccharides, 1-3 beta glucan, and other vital substances. Without our patented processing method the large molecular size of alginic acid, a key component of Fucoidan, makes it extremely difficult for the body to digest and use this special nutrient.

Not only is our technology and manufacturing process special. To ensure that Seaherb Fucoidan is the best marine-derived nutritional supplement available, we analyzed sea algae and Fucoidan samples from across the globe to ensure that the brown sea algae we use in our Seaherb Fucoidan is the best. We tested sea algae from Chile to Japan, from Brazil to Okinawa, from the coast of Siberia to both coasts of Canada and the United States. We found that each seaweed type, as well each location across the globe, results in different concentration of vital nutrients! Some sea algae have more nutrients, some have less.

Our extensive tests proved that one specific brown sea algae called Fucoidan (Laminaria japonica) found only off the south-eastern coast of South Korea has the highest concentration of important nutrients and met our demands for the highest quality. As a result, the Fucoidan from the south-eastern part of the Korean peninsular meet and surpass our strict requirements for the highest quality. In addition, they also fully surpassed the stringent South Korean government requirements.  The particular brown sea algae that we exclusively use grow in the pristine waters of a natural park off the south-eastern coast of South Korea.

Brown algae has traditionally been harvested by Korean divers during the months of March and April, before the fucoidan separate from the brown sea algae and take root to develop into new plants. Special care is taken to not damage the fucoidan and ensure that they are not contaminated by chemicals or microbial toxins in any way prior to processing.


What amazes many people is the fact that Koreas have eaten brown sea algae as a food for over 3,000 years. As a result Fucoidan is nothing new to Koreans. It is, so to speak, in our blood. Fucoidan is who we are. Fucoidan is what SeaHerb Co., LTD is all about. At our company it is the only thing we do, the only product that we manufacture. Fucoidan our only focus! We are the Fucoidan experts.

The Fucoidan have been special for over 3,000 years in Korea! The nutrients in the Fucoidan  were eaten exclusively by the Korean royal family for centuries because they were so nutritional. Over the past centuries traditionally the contents of the Fucoidan were taken by child-bearing women because they rejuvenate the body with their vital nutrients, or given as presents on special occasions because of their unique properties. However, the Fucoidan were extremely expensive, making their use limited only to special occasions. In addition, the are only available during two months of the year, March and April, because the Fucoidan then break away and are carried by the ocean currents to begin a new life as Fucoidan plants. Through our patented processing method you now have the special nutrients contained in the Fucoidan available all year long.

The fucoidan were so important in ancient times that only the Korean kings and royal family were allowed to consume them, as they were considered to have important healing properties. As time progressed the fucoidan were accessible to everyone, but they were much too expensive to purchase and use on a regular basis. As a result, traditionally Koreans would give products containing brown algae  as presents only on special occasions such as birthdays. However, thanks to years of continuous research and development by SeaHerb Co., LTD and their exclusive patented technology, the high-energy contents of the fucoidan from the South Korean brown algae are now available to everyone.

Our two products, Seaherb Fucoidan and Pure Skin

We currently manufacture and distribute two products, Pure Skin and Seaherb Fucoidan. Pure Skin is our natural skin care product that is available in clear liquid form. This beauty product is dispensed via a spray applicator. It provides moisture and vital nutrients in an easily absorbable liquid form. Pure skin is unique because the nutrients contained in the Fucoidan  become extremely sticky and cannot be applied in liquid form, even at low concentrations of 2%-3%, and therefore cannot be used in cosmetics in high concentrations. Pure skin has an extremely high concentration that cannot be matched because our patented extraction method is only used in one skin care product, Pure Skin. 

Our flagship product, Seaherb Fucoidan, is a 100% natural nutritional supplement and is produced using our patented method to extract the nutritional contents from only the brown sea algae (Laminaria japonica). As a result of our patented processing method, an amazing 57% is of the Fucoidan is absorbed by the body, compared with only but only 7% without our processing method. This results in the absorption of a superior concentration of nutrients found in the Laminaria japonica.

Fucoidan is a well-documented marine-derived immune modulator. It strengthens the immune system in an amazing variety of ways, and over 700 studies have been done on Fucoidan over the past 40 years proving its benefits, safety and efficacy.

Seaherb Fucoidan is available to our customers in pellet form, the traditional application form in Asia and China. Seaherb Fucoidan is also available in powder forms. In addition, we also supply foods, raw nutritional extracts in liquid or powder bulk.

Safety and efficacy

We are dedicated to continuous research and development to ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of our products. The company continues to improve the gentle extraction method and manufacturing process to make Seaherb Fucoidan even more effective and ensure that the product remains the best Fucoidan available.

Tests by independent laboratories verify that the SeaqHerb Co., LTD brown algae extract is free of any chemical or biological toxins. To ensure the highest quality, the manufacturing facility is registered by the Korean Food and Drug Administration and is GMP certified.

We focus on developing new technology and testing methods by collaborating with the science departments of universities. We also passed the food safety tests by the United States Food and Drug Administration for Seaherb Fucoidan. The Food Facility of SeaHerb Co., LTD. registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration. We are especially proud of receiving the ISO 1 4001 and ISO 9001 for our production and manufacturing method.

SeaHerb Co., LTD. is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best nutritional supplements and skin care products in the world. We currently export to 15 nations around the world.

Researchers have confirmed the numerous applications of Fucoidan and the exceptional qualities of this marine-derived immune supplement. Fucoidan has captured the attention of the general public because of the role it can play in weight loss, but it has many other beneficial effects. We hope that you will agree with us that we have the best marine-based nutritional supplement in the world with our Seaherb Fucoidan.

Should we be able to assist you, we look forward to meeting your needs in the near future.

Sea Herb Co., Ltd.
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