Seaherb Co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of marine-derived nutrients. The seaweed nutrients, such as fucoidan, laminaran and alginate are extracted by our patented extraction method. They improve the immune system, promote detoxification, eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol. We also produce a skin care product that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

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Sea Herb Co., Ltd. Introduction

Sea Herb Co., Ltd. Sea Herb Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 to extract and market life-extending materials from special marine plants and herbs by a special patented technology called Low Weight Molecular Technology method.
Our two special products are Pure Skin, which is Skin is our marine-derived liquid natural skin care product and Seaherb Fucoidan, which is available in pill, capsule, and tablet form. We also supply extracted raw materials in liquid bulk or powder bulk form. Our patented Low Weight Molecular Technology increases the absorption rate of Seaherb Fucoidan by up to 57%! This compares to a 7% absorption rate without our patented processing method.

Sea Herb Co., Ltd. focuses on developing new technology and testing methods by collaborating with the science departments of universities. We also passed the food safety tests by the United States Food and Drug Administration for Seaherb Fucoidan. We are especially proud of receiving the ISO 1 4001 and ISO 9001 for our production and manufacturing method.

Sea Herb Co., Ltd. is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best nutritional supplements and skin care products in the world. We currently export to 15 nations around the globe.

Should we be able to assist you, we look forward to meeting your needs in the near future.

Sea Herb Co., Ltd.
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