Seaherb Co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of marine-derived nutrients. The seaweed nutrients, such as fucoidan, laminaran and alginate are extracted by our patented extraction method. They improve the immune system, promote detoxification, eliminate constipation and lower cholesterol. We also produce a skin care product that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

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  1. What is Alginate? (description)


When extracted marine plants, such as seaweed, are placed in water, stickiness occurs and the substance that makes this stickiness is alginic acid. Most marine plants that contain alginic acid live in low temperature, typically under 20 C and most of these marine plants contain 20-40% of alginic acid.
The plants needed to manufacture alginic acid must contain a large quantity of the substance. They should have less color and tannin, be easy to extract, be available in large amounts, and easy to collect.

Alginate refers to the entire alginic acid. This includes the alginate’s chemical and biological properties, and hydrophilic conductors. The sugars of D-mannuronic acid (M) and L-guluronic acid (G) are linked as a combination of alpha or beta-1/4 chains. Usually elements of cell walls that are extracted from plants like Laminaria, Ecklonia, Macrocystis, Ascophyllum, Nerocystis, and Macrocystis in the United States, Macrocystis and Nereocystis from Canada, and seaweed from China, are manufactured in large quantities and the main ingredients are alginic acid
Alginic acid extraction rapidly developed as a business after WWII, and the nations that were first were to extract it were the USA and England. The yearly global product of alginic acid is 100,000 tons. The most (41%) is from North America, 30% from Europe, 19% from Latin America, predominantly from Chile.
The main countries that produce aliginic acid are the USA, Norway, Chile, Mexico, and Ireland. Alginic acid is used for industrial purposes, but it does not dissolve well in materials that contain alcohol and takes a long time to dissolve at high temperature. Thus low moleculizing research is in progress in order to address this issue and to maintain the stability of the substance. (1999, Kim and Cho 2000)
DONG OH International Ltd. has developed the patented technology for extracting alginic acid in an extremely pure form, but without damaging it with heat or chemicals. The alginic acid in our nutritional supplement and skin care product is unique and has a high degree of absorption and efficacy that is unparalleled. 


  2. Beneficial Effects of Alginic acid

Alginic acid has numerous beneficial effects. For example, it is a natural substance that that absorbs heavy metals and other toxic substances, as reduces cholesterol in the body. After the Chernobyl reactor disaster in the Ukraine, alginic acid was also used by doctors and researchers to prevent damage to those exposed to radiation from the catastrophe.
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